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Having It All Figured out...

Do you ever look at some people and think to yourself: "They look like they have it all figured out." ?

Do they seemingly seem to have the perfect house, car, job, lifestyle? Do they seem to glide effortlessly through life with style, grace and poise, always looking amazing or saying the right thing, without even breaking a sweat? Do you look at them and think, "They have it easy."?

I have news for you: No one does.

At class this week one of my lovely yogis made a comment (and if you're reading this thank you so much!) that she enjoyed my blog. She hinted that she assumed I might have an idealistic life, practising yoga and meditating all day, always calm and serene. She said when she read a little more about my life, and how un-serene it can be, she could relate. It made her feel better. That comment made my day. In fact it made my month.

One of the reasons I sit to write this blog is to connect with you. To reach out and say this is my life, this is what I think about, this is what I'm experiencing and maybe you are too? We're all in this together. I think it may have bought this lovely yogi a bit of reassurance to read that other people have messy lives. That other people are struggling. Even the ones that seem to have it all figured out. Even those that seem to be gliding around calmly, are actually frantically paddling underneath the water.

All of us are struggling. On my travels and life experiences I have met very wealthy people that are physically beautiful, and have all the material things you could possibly want in life, but they are desperately, desperately sad. I have met young men without a penny to their name and only a bag on their back who have a wealth of innate wisdom and who are shining with joy. I have met elderly people with the vicious and petty mindset of children, and I've met children with the glowing love and light of an ancient soul. I have met holy people who are not perfect. Spiritual teachers who are corrupt, and many, many more. Often I have found that the people who have the smallest amount in life, are the richest of heart and soul.

No one has it all figured out. Even the ones that shine with wisdom and light. We are all just walking our own paths and figuring it out along the way. Many of those that seek spiritual paths come from backgrounds of mental illness, trauma, addiction, the depths of despair.

But that's the joy of it isn't it? Therein lies the comfort. We are all the same. We make look different, sound different and have different lives, but wipe the slate clean, strip everything away and we are all skin and flesh and bone. Just people, walking the earth, trying to heal, trying to find happiness, trying to live our lives the best way we can. Doing our best.

I don't know about you but that comforts me. We're the same you and I, and that's a bloody beautiful thing.

Thank you x

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