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ALittle Bit About Me...

I went to my first Yoga class at about 17.  The teacher was 8 months pregnant, Israeli and beautiful. She had this wonderful ethereal sense of calm about her and I was fixed on her every move.  The class was difficult physically but I struggled through the poses, and moved with my breath. At the end of the class I felt incredible.

I’ll never forget that first taste of how yoga makes you feel.

Several years ago I trained to be a yoga teacher to help others reap the amazing physical, mental and spiritual benefits that I have felt through my years of practice. Now fast approaching 40 these benefits continue to just grow and grow with time.

It's important to me to keep yoga accessible to everyone, no matter your age, level of flexibility or your body shape. Yoga truly is for everyone.

 I am so excited to help you begin your journey back to yourself through yoga.

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