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Yoga for Lower Back Pain

One step at a time

Any kind of back pain can be debilitating and can start to take over your life.

When you've experienced back pain or nerve pain such as sciatica you know how difficult it is to get on with your day to day life and how sometimes no position is comfortable and exercising seems impossible.

I hear you...


If you've taken the time to read my story (if so youre my hero!) then you’ll know that I have first hand experience of this.

So let’s get to the point: Can Yoga help with back pain? And more specifically - low back pain?

It's estimated by the World Health Organisation that Low back pain affects 60-70% of adults in Industrialized countries. That’s huge!

Yoga by its very nature is a holistic practice. By moving the body mindfully and intuitively with the breath we are more able to connect to ourselves and have real awareness of what’s happening in the body.

The yoga poses and movements are designed to both stretch and strengthen, so when done carefully the muscles in the core and the back can be strengthened to help support the spine in a more healthy way. The practices of Pranayama (breathing) and meditation are super effective tools that can help you to relax, and manage your pain better. They can also help you to sleep better too.

When done carefully, consistently and with guidance, a yoga practice can help you towards a more pain free life.

So, how do I start on my journey to pain free living?

In this course you will learn a series of movements that will help you gently stretch and strengthen the muscles of the back, whilst easing any tight areas.You will also learn more about the other areas of the body that when tight or imbalanced can hugely affect your back pain.

My new course: Yoga For Low Back Pain is a great place to start!

Another great option is a series of 1:1 sessions with me, these can be done in person (If conditions allow) or online via zoom and carefully tailor-made to your requirements.

Yoga Practice
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